title. "som vi lyssnar får vi höra" - a theatre play by Bogdan Bižić

date. 2020

city. Malmö, Sweden

lenght. 40 min


Above The Cloudz are back with a dance and music theatre packed with funk, hip hop, kung fu and anime vibes. In "As we listen we will hear" we follow Funk Senatra, the dancer who one day awakens with anger towards a higher being known as Music. Funk accuses Music of having stolen his soul and sets of on a journey to demand it back.


Written and directed by. Bogdan Bižić

Music. Toju Jemide, Cora Onori

Choreography. Arvid Håkansson, Moncef Henaien, Bogdan Bižić


Visuals. Moncef Henaien


Costume design / Scenography. Above the Cloudz

On stage. Arvid Håkansson, Toju Jemide, Cora Onori och Moncef Henaien

Supported by the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and City of Malmö 

More info and tickets at Kulturcentralen