title. "Quotes" - by Above The Cloudz

date. 2014

city. Stockholm, Sweden

lenght. 40 mins

With spoken word, house, rap, popping, breaking and locking, Above the Cloudz show where they stand. The work takes off from the four elements of hip hop to visualize selected quotes that have influenced the members' self-esteem. With words and letters they deliver their message - this is me, take it or leave it.


Choreography. Camilo Monasterio, Carl Lundberg, Winnie Wu, Arvid Håkansson, Tom Sjö, Moncef Henaien, Bogdan Bižić, Aldo Ruiz


Dj. Camilo Monasterio

Mc. Aldo Ruiz

Visuals. Moncef Henaien