title. "Creative summer" - an art/integration project by Bogdan Bižić

date. 2016

cityHelsingborg, Sweden


In Creative summer we were working with a local high school and it's teachers in the city of Helsingborg, Sweden. The art project was to use culture and art as tools to learn the Swedish language. We created meetings around art where the youth naturally would take part in discussions and talks. This way they could practice their Swedish and also find new friendships among each other. The participants were connected to local artists, organisations and cultural houses witch made it easy for them to continue to practice different artforms after the project ended. We also created an art and foto exhibition that toured some of Swedens finest museums like The Swedish Museum of Natural History. 


Project idea and management: Bogdan Bižić

Artists: Karolina Wojcik, Cora Onori, Victoria Tcha, Toju Jemide, Marcus Lampe, Danso Osai, Moncef Henaien

Film and edit: Moncef Henaien